Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Basic Concern About Barack O'Bama

On public forums and blogs, I keep hearing the same hysterical rant from Conservatives; many of them my friends. It's all rather meaningless name-calling and resembles much of the nonsense I heard from Liberals about President Bush.

When we see the current O'Bama Administration embracing Hugo Chavez, Conservative commentators froth at the mouth. The Administration says it was just being polite to another foreign leader. When we see Administration policy that supports "affordable health care", Conservatives holler "SOCIALISM". The Administration replies that they are pursuing policy widely supported during the 2008 election. When the President appoints people like Van Jones, well... Conservatives go ballistic, but they can't articulate why others should be concerned.

Yet there's one basic concern about President O'Bama that my Conservative friends fail to articulate time and time again; hard as they try. That basic concern is this: During his formative years as a young adult, Barack O'Bama kept close company with people who hold America in VERY low esteem.

Therein lies the basic concern many in "middle America" have with our President. Too bad Conservatives can't articulate it and explain it effectively to the American public.


Anonymous said...

He won't stand in front of the flag if he can help it, he disrespects the troops who fight for his right to be where he is, he bows to those who would wipe America out and he spits in the face of allies. Those are he good points. This empty suit is empowering islam and allowing the very freedoms the country was founded on to be used to destroy it. There is so much more than "a basic concern"

Anonymous said...

you make a decent point here, TINSC


There is NO Santa Claus said...

Thank you for your thoughtful response kindergentlerRC.

Some of the hysterical comments about MY President are hard for me to embrace. As such, I thought i'd write an essay that addresses the primary concerns that I think most Americans are concerned about.