Sunday, August 07, 2011

Report: Hamas detained rocket cell

Hamas security forces detained Saturday morning two members of the al-Tawhid wal-Jihad group in Gaza as they were about to fire rockets at Israel, members of the radical organization charged in a leaflet. 


There has long been a strange cooperation between Israel and the HAMAS-led "government" in Gaza.  It's hard to explain and even harder to understand.  Yet it exists; I am sure of it.
Don't ask me "Who?  What?  When?  Where? How? or Why?

It's a rather dysfunctional relationship, but it exists nonetheless.  

Let me take a stab at speculating what this is all about.  The Israelis value life.  Because of this, they've always allowed and assisted in giving Gaza "humanitarian assistance".  HAMAS hates the Jews.  However, since Israel can demolish Gaza, HAMAS has learned "the hard way" that they cannot meet the daily needs of people in Gaza by actively waging war on Israel.    The Arabs and Muslims will not give material aid to Gaza unless it assists HAMAS' war against the Jews.  Therefore, nothing of material benefit to Gaza comes from Arabs, Muslims or others unless it passes through Israel which filters out materials capable of harming Israeli citizens.  Egypt which also borders Gaza is incapable of giving material aid of value because the Egyptians don't have the capacity or the care to do so (unless it's weapons which can be used against Israel). 
Thus, the "relationship" exists.

The news media won't report this because it does not fit their narrative on the War Against Israel.  Israelis know about this, but don't talk about it.  Israelis value life and seek peace with their neighbors.  Elements of normality seem... well... normal. 

And so it goes!  Israel meets with and negotiates with HAMAS on a daily basis to meet the basic material needs of people in Gaza.  

It's not a "peace process".  It's certainly not "THE peace process".  It's anything but!  Yet it happens every day in some manner or form. 

Most people know about it.  Nobody talks about it. 

There's something rather surreal about it all.  .