Monday, January 15, 2018



Man! You can't make this stuff up!  Our President made an error any kid in a high school history class could counter.  Instead of countering the thesis, the news media goes on another lynching mob calling him out for being "vulgar" and "racist".  (Always the "racist".  When they can't come up with an counter argument, go to name-calling.) 

It doesn't matter whether President Trump used vulgar language in
describing certain African countries and Haiti as "s-hole countries".  Frankly, they are!  

The problem is that the President's thesis stated that these countries make for undesirable immigrants.  Somewhere, I read that he suggested Norway provided better immigration candidates. 

Folks! People who are fat and happy don't run away from home.  Once in a while, boy from country A meets girl from country B and one of them moves.  That's been known to happen.  By and large, American immigrants are people who fled countries that were stressed by tyrants, natural disasters, economic failure, violent political upheaval etc.  In other words, "S-hole countries". 

I'm not going to waste a S-load of my valuable time explaining this.  Why should I!  Sam Kinison gives a brief, simple, and far more vulgar presentation of a counter argument to President Trump's. 

So here's a link to Sam's "presentation":