Tuesday, June 01, 2010

About the Breakup of Al and Tipper Gore

I voted for Al Gore.  I voted for Clinton twice.  Unfortunately, I was never liberal ENOUGH because I don't hate Israel.

In his day, Al Gore was a heck of a good public servant.  When he lost the 2000 election, he lost his marbles.  He went insane.  I knew it because I loved him. 

Perhaps it was best that he lost that election.  In September 2001, when he showed up to President Bush's address to the joint session of Congress, he was bearded and had obviously gained a lot of weight. 

George Bush delivered his address, basking in the glory of support from a nation rallying around our President.  Al Gore was irrelevant and he knew it.  It ate at him. It tore at his self-identity.

In the following years, Al Gore sought relevancy in the American policy-making field by pushing his "global warming" fear.  It led to an Academy Award and a Nobel Peace Prize.  It was not enough!  It was not enough to sooth his loss of sanity.  Indeed, his loss of sanity had led to the herculean effort to bring the irrational fear of "global warming" to the forefront of national and international policy making. 

Having won all the accolades and adoring attention of throngs of followers, it is only natural that all this made his insanity worse.  I saw the signs; others did not.  But now, ten years later, we are finally seeing the signs that the bulletproof "Gorebot" is a man of flesh and blood; susceptible to all the things that fame, fortune and international attention provide.  Who knows!  Perhaps we'll find that he's another "Tiger Woods".  Or maybe it's just that his insanity became too much for Tipper to bear.  Eventually, we'll find out the details.

In the mean time, I'm not gloating over this.  I just think it's important to say that I saw Al Gore crumble badly after the election of 2000.  I'm not entirely surprised this happened, but I wish it hadn't. 

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Anonymous said...

I don't think he's insane at all.

Not sure what leads you to that conclusion.