Friday, December 08, 2017


I'm pleasantly surprised that President Trump has officially recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  The law has been on the books for 22 years.  It's a fact.  It's about time we got realistic about this.  Moreover, after the previous 4 years of the O'Bama Administration (The 2nd term was especially bad.) I think Israel badly needed a meaningful gesture of reassurance from the White House. 

In addition, the news media needs a definitive policy from the State Department that gets their story straight.  Now, no matter what dis-information the news media shovels at us, Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. It's really not a big thing.  Unfortunately, the news media hypes every little thing about Israel.  That's just the way it is.

I hope that the President plans a modest building in Jerusalem.  This is a guy who likes to build big, fancy buildings in high rent districts.  That's what he does.  He likes it.  He's good at it.  People try  to place obstacles in his way or stop him. That only makes him more determined to build it.  (Are you listening Tayip Erdogan?)

Our embassy should be functional and consistent with the current architecture of the modern area (i.e. the undisputed portion) of  Jerusalem.  I know it seems nice to the President to build something grand that would leave his legacy in Jerusalem.  However, with patience I think Donald Trump will find that the the State of Israel knows how to honor their friends.  There are 3 years left in this term of office.  That leaves plenty of work to do.

So... just as the diplomacy keeps it real, let's hope the building plans are kept realistic too.  For now, I'm happy that our President personally stood up against every anti-Semitic bully, coward, and (above all) every irrational human being on this planet.

The great philosopher, Ayn Rand once said: "You have to start with 'A is A'...."  Countries choose their capital.  The other countries move their embassies there.  It's just that simple.


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