Monday, October 22, 2012

Your tax dollars at work

With great fanfare, President O'Bama visited Holland, Michigan to celebrate the opening of the LG battery factory; a factory built to supply batteries for the Chevy Volt.  The plant was built with federal tax dollars to support a vehicle funded by federal tax dollars made by a company owned by the government.  "This is a symbol of where Michigan is going, this is a symbol of where Holland is going, and this is a symbol of where America's going," President Barack Obama told a crowd at the groundbreaking.

What was the result?  THE FACTORY HAS YET TO SHIP A SINGLE BATTERY!  Workers have so little to do, they spend hours playing board games, cards, reading magazines or watching movies.  All this on your tax dollars. Here is the WOOD-TV Article on the subject.

Where is President O'Bama now?  Where is his praise for "green jobs"?  Or should I tell you that studies have shown that for every green job created, 3 are lost from the high cost of electricity.

What kind of "job" is this when it creates nothing of value?  Is this what the insane left enviro-whackos call "sustainable"?  I have a secret for you people: if it doesn't create something of competitive value, it is not sustainable.

What is the O'Bama Administration's response to this massive waste?  "We are sending this to the Inspector General, Department of Energy, for his review," said Ed Pound, spokesman for the board. The Inspector General's Office would decide whether to open an investigation. Pound refused further comment.

A review?  Any fool could have told you that this was a waste before they broke ground.  Why should there be "further comment" when the real goal was to BUY VOTES in an election year.  Detroit and points east of US 127 can be taken for granted to vote O'Bama's way.  But with economic devastation, a few thousand votes in solidly Republican West Michigan can turn the tide of the election toward O'Bama and the Democrats.

Folks!  The government is spending a king's fortune just to make you feel good about yourself.  It's "green".  It's "new technology".  It's "jobs".  That's what they tell you, but none of this is sustainable because it isn't competitive and creates nothing of real value.  For every Volt sold, 10,000 Chinese (and 7,500 Indians)  bought their first conventionally fueled vehicle.  That's because THEY are making things of competitive value while your government encourages us to make worthless batteries for worthless cars that cost too much and won't accommodate Michael Moore's fat-infested torso.

The big corporations don't have a problem because they didn't have to bear the risk.  The people who built the plant have taken their money and run; the executives of those contracting firms now contemplate early retirement.  LG has their O'bama bucks.  They'll close the factory when there's a loss to write off to offset the immense profits they make on their own products.

And you?  HA HA HA!  You get to struggle to buy frozen peas at your local grocer because the O'Bama Administration is forcing electricity prices through the roof.  You get to buy gasoline at $4 a gallon because the O'Bama Administration won't let us use our natural gas surplus to make methanol. It (methanol) can be blended with gasoline in any ratio with cheap ($100/car) off-the-shelf technology.  Coal miners out of work.  Petrochemical lobby happy.  Electric cars in the junk yard.  Saudi Arabia laughing all the way to the bank.

Thank you Mr. President!  Thanks for hiring hundreds of workers who are now reading magazines, playing cards and watching videos.  That's what you called "Hope and Change" 4 years ago, but we all knew what it really was: patronage worker creation - Chicago Style. 

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