Sunday, January 04, 2009


Once upon a time, Israel and the US had a policy of not talking to terrorists. Now they're talking to Al-Jazeera.

Who are the Palestinians? There has never, in the history of humankind, been an Arab nation of "Palestine".

Palestine is a region. The modern State of Israel is part of that region. JEWS ARE PALESTINIANS TOO!

Yet for some reason, everybody has bought into the "no Jews allowed" definition of "Palestinian"; even the Likud.

It's time we spoke up and ended this sham that "Palestine" is an exclusive Arab land where Jews have no national rights.

The left (including the Israeli left) has long held fast to the belief that the War Against Israel is a competition between two national liberation movements. This is a LIE.

The War Against Israel is between one national liberation movement (Zionist) against a totalitarian, imperialist Islamo-Fascist movement which seeks to conquer all lands once ruled by Muslims and then onward to rule the world.

Zionism is the national liberation movement of the Jewish People. The Jews established a nation in Palestine called Israel. The Arabs established a nation in Palestine called Jordan.



It is time to end the "no Jews allowed" aspect of defining a "Palestinian".

I am sick and tired of people talking of the "Palestinians" expecting everyone to understand that they're talking EXCLUSIVELY about Arabs.

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KGS said...

Bravo! Well said TINSC!

The next time someone talks of Palestinians as being a distinct ethnic group or people, kindly remind them that historically, "Palestinianism" is as loony of a notion as "Scandinavianism".

What has taken place in Arab-Israeli conflict is akin to clique of nordic people banding together and calling themselves "Scandinavians, and then demand an area all to themselves, even if it means kicking Finns, Swedes, Icelanders Norwegians or Danes from their own traditional land, and then call that parcle of land "Scandinavia".

That is what the Arabs are doing with the region once called Palestine, which ceased to exist once the an independent Jewish state & Arab states came into existence.