Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Celebrating the O'Bama Inauguration

I celebrated the O'Bama inauguration tonight. Having voted for Clinton twice, Gore and Kerry and never being liberal ENOUGH, the cover of Ann Coulter's latest book, GUILTY caught my eye in the local West Michigan grocery store. In honor of the O'Bama inaguration, I bought the book.

"Liberals always have to be the victims, particularly when they are oppressing others. Modern victims aren't victims because of what they have suffered; they are victims of convenience for the Left.... Playing the game of He Who Is Offended First Wins, the keyt o any political argument is to pretend to be insulted and register operatic anger. Liberals are the masters of finger-wagging indignation. They will wail about some perceived slight to a sacred feeling of theirs, frightening people who have never before witnessed the liberal's capacity to invoke synthetic outrage. Distracted by the crocodile tears of the liberal, Americans don't notice that these fake victims are attacking, advancing and creating genuine victims."

Gotta love it.

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Anonymous said...

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