Wednesday, October 29, 2008

O'Bama and McCain

I like these guys! Both of them! They're both delightfully flawed, yet so much better than George Bush.

I plan to vote for Sen. McCain and here's why.

Imagine two Christmas presents in boxes. One box is wrapped in newspaper. It's got a few dents in it, but you know what's inside. The other box is flawless. It has no dents. It's wrapped to perfection and even has a big candy cane strapped to it... but you don't really know what's inside.

That's the choice I see. Sen. O'Bama has some excellent policy proposals; often times better than Sen. McCain. But I don't know what's inside the package. I don't know whether Sen. O'Bama really intends to deliver on his proposals. Campaign promises are not legally binding.

That's why I'm voting for Sen. McCain.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine that! "There is no Santa Claus" uses a CHRISTMAS analogy! ;-)