Sunday, October 05, 2008

Cheer up football fans!

Cheer up football fans!

There's always NASCAR!

Seriously! I know what it's like when my beloved college team is "rebuilding" and there's no relief to be found from my favorite NFL team (in my case, the Bears but in your case UM fans, I'm afraid it's the Lions).

NASCAR has all the elements you could want from football. Big crowds, tailgaiting and lots of hard-hitting on "the field".

Even though that's a deal, we'll throw in 43 teams playing all at once. You can root for one team or several teams; whatever you like.

But wait! There's MORE!

Chicks really dig NASCAR because the essential objective of the game is to finish your team's car first. There's no explaining all the intricacies; no Dummies books by Howie Long.

Now how much would YOU be willing to pay for all that? But wait! There's MORE! You get to bring your own BEER into the stadium.

So don't get down this season if the Wolverines are "rebuilding" and the Lions still SUCK beyond your wildest imagination. Tune into NASCAR and see what "contact sports" was meant to be.

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