Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Note's before PM Netanyahu's Speech before Congress Today

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Bibi's speech to Congress is really no big deal.  Yet the lazy news media is hyping it because they don't want to go out and FIND a news story.  So they make one.

If Israel's Prime Minister has a key strategic policy preference that is different than the President's he should voice it.  If there are significant numbers in Congress who share the Israeli Prime Minister's views, he should be able to voice it in Congress.  What's particularly disturbing is observing (yet again) the bullying tactics of the O'Bama Administration.

What's really sad here is that the country most threatened by Iran is Saudi Arabia.  If Saudi Arabia were not threatened by this, I doubt House Republicans would have pushed so hard for Bibi to address Congress.  The Saudi lobby knows it enjoys little popularity among the American public.  So the Saudis pave the way for Bibi to address Congress to warn the public about the O'Bama Administration's faulty policy on Iran. 

The news media just can't get enough.  "Jews is news!"  That's the theme of Bibi's speech. It's all about Israel and Jews.

That's the real smokescreen.  It's all about the Saudis and petrodollars.  The Saudis and their buddies in Congress know darn well that the King of Saudi Arabia (or any other diplomatic designee) cannot be received by the American public like Bibi.  They know where 9 out of 11 9/11/01 hijackers came from.  They know Bin Laden was a Saudi.  They know the American people are aware of the way they have pillaged our economy for 40 years.

So they pave the way for Bibi to do their dirty work.  They let the Jews take the heat. 

The Saudi, Egyptian, and Jordanian leadership has become painfully aware that the only way for an Arab nation-state to survive against the wave of Muslim imperialism is to tolerate the Jewish nation-state.  Yet their leaders continue to show cowardice in explaining that to their people. 

The Arab nation-states (those that are left) cannot survive much longer like this.  In order to firmly establish their national existence, they are going to have to clearly accept the national existence of a Jewish State in their midst.

Sure!  Some Congressmen are going to be absent today when Bibi gives his speech.  But the real question in my mind is this: How many Ambassadors from Arab League States will attend?

That's what I would be watching for; not some stupid LIBS who were stupid before Bibi came to Washington and won't be any smarter afterward.


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