Sunday, September 11, 2011

Three most common responses from Muslims to the 9/11/01 attacks

1.  High fives, Osama!  Way to go, baby!  That's showin' 'em!  

2.  This is terrible.  No Muslim can tolerate such a horrible act of terrorism and if America will only cease (Fill in the blanks with a whole list of grievances, real or imagined.), I'm sure such attacks will never happen again.  [Translation: The beatings will continue until moral improves.]

3.  This is terrible.  No Muslim would do such a thing.  It must have been the Israeli Mossad who did this in order to justify (Fill in the blanks with a whole list of grievances, real or imagined.).  [Translation: The U.S. and Israel aren't just bad.  They're so bad they'll murder themselves to justify beating up on Muslims.]

There is of course, a forth response rarely heard.  That response states that Islam must reform itself to adapt to modern pluralistic societies like the United States where people of all faiths enjoy equality under a common, public law separated from any particular religious institution.   These are modernist Muslims; the ones we look to lead Islam out of its imperialist, totalitarian past and into a future of freedom, peace and prosperity.

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