Saturday, July 16, 2011

Police in Ga. shut down girls' lemonade stand

MIDWAY, Ga. (AP) -- Police in Georgia have shut down a lemonade stand run by three girls trying to save up for a trip to a water park, saying they didn't have a business license or the required permits.

Midway Police Chief Kelly Morningstar says police also didn't know how the lemonade was made, who made it or what was in it.
The girls had been operating for one day when Morningstar and another officer cruised by.

The girls needed a business license, peddler's permit and food permit to operate, even on residential property. The permits cost $50 a day or $180 per year.

One girl, 14-year-old Casity Dixon, says the three had to listen to police and shut down.

The girls are now doing chores and yard work to make money.

Didn't the "Arab Spring" start with a similar incident like this in Tunisia?  If I recall correctly, some poor slug was trying to make a living selling vegetables in the marketplace.  He was constantly harassed by police for a "license" (read that "bribes") and in his despair doused himself with gasoline and set himself afire to protest.  

Yet here we see the same government insanity here in America.  If these girls were in tune to current events and recent history, they would hire a sharp lawyer and make this story worth more than a few short paragraphs.  

But no!  They're doing "chores and yard work to make money".   Yah... right!  Do they have workmen's comp insurance?  Liability insurance?  Do they use all industry mandated personal protective equipment?  

Credit to KlassyLynn for the tip.

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