Saturday, February 05, 2011

A Unique View of the Egypt "Crisis" from Israel

Having been in Israel the past week, we've all been following the Egyptian protests in the news.  While I can easily watch CNN, FOX, Sky News etc, it's far more interesting to watch the Israeli news and commentary. 

Israel is one of those countries where people rarely agree on anything.  Yet there are two things Israelis agree on this week:

 1.  They don't know where these protests are going to lead.

 2.  Whatever Israelis offer in the way of advice to Egyptians will be resented and ignored.

The mood about is one of curiosity.  Nobody seems to be too worried.  Israeli tourists, businessmen and families of diplomats bailed out of Egypt the same night we arrived here (Jan 30, 2011).  There's nobody left to worry about. 

So don't listen to those talking heads on the so-called "News Networks".  They're all rather self absorbed and don't know what they're talking about.  All they know is that it's easier to milk an old story than to find a new one.



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