Sunday, November 30, 2008

2008 Mumbai Attack Was Directed Against Everyone

As the dust settles on the devastating terrorist attack on Mumbai, India I couldn't help but notice some things in the news coverage I found a bit disturbing. By now, the death toll is well over 160 people and the attacks were quite wide-spread across the city including two major luxury hotels.

Yet there seemed to me to be disproportional attention by the mainstream media on the attack on the Chabad House in Mumbai. Personally, I was deeply saddened by the attack and murder of the Chabad House staff and residents. I participate in our local Chabad House activities from time to time and have the utmost respect for the Chabad organization; what they stand for and the work they do.

But to hear it from the mainstream news media, you might think the only people who got killed in this devastating attack were the 6 people in the Chabad House. So much attention was paid to the attack on the Chabad House, you better not have been quickly surfing your TV channels before you heard about the rest of the story. As the death toll climbed past 150 people, 50% of the news covered the attack on the Chabad house. Adding insult to injury, AP, ABC and CNN used the pejorative term "ultra-Orthodox" to describe Chassidic Jews. So not only did the mainstream media focus on the Chassidic Jewish victims, several major outlets found it necessary to insult them. That REALLY made me mad!

First of all, there is no such thing as "ultra-Orthodox Judaism". Here in America, there's Orthodox, Conservative and Reform Judaism. There is also "reconstructionist Judaism", but it's pretty much another form of Reform Judaism. The term "ultra-Orthodox" was invented by a liberal media (and secular atheist Jews) to imply that religiously observant Jews are political extremists. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is absolutely NO relation between Orthodox Judaism and political extremism. If anything, the most politically extreme Jews in history were those who were atheist and openly fought for Communism. I shall not digress on this issue further except to repeat that the adjective "ultra-Orthodox" is an insulting way to describe Jews. Indeed, the LIB media outlets who used this pejorative term probably wanted to bait people like me into a digressive discussion on the matter.

That would be a smart thing! I say this because I'm convinced that the mainstream media's coverage of the Mumbai attack left one thinking that it was an attack against Jews. While over 155 people were lying dead, 50% of the news coverage centered around the "Jewish Center" or the "Orthodox Jewish Center" or worse. I realize my "50%" is an unscientific number, but I'm hoping some of my friends at CAMERA can come up with some quantitative data on the issue. I won't be ashamed to find out I've exaggerated a little. With 155 people known dead and 6 of them known to be in the Mumbai Chabad House, the math works out to be 3.87% of the casualties during the three-day period of 24/7 news coverage. During these three days, it is impossible that news reporting of the dead people in the Chabad house comprised 3.87% of the total reporting of the Mumbai massacre.

So you might be wondering: What's TINSC's beef about this?

My problem with this is simple:

The mainstream media wants people to think that Islamo-Fascism, Islamic extremism,
Islamism, or whatever you want to call it, is directed at the Jews. If not for the existence of
the Jewish State, there would be no grievance feeding these heinous terrorist attacks.

Folks, if you believe that mainstream media myth, we are all in for big trouble. Islamo-Fascism is an imperialistic totalitarian movement similar to many born in the 20th century. Anti-Semitism is a prime component because it easily disarms the general population. The message is: "You need not fear us. We only hate the Jews."

As the general public falls for the lie, resistance to the totalitarian movement weakens because the average person feels un-threatened. Once the totalitarian reign is established, the rest of the public suddenly realizes a very unpleasant fact: "Uh oh! I guess they don't like US either". By then it's too late.

Media reporting is feeding the lie!

While the vicious attacks on Mumbai were going on, Iraq was subject to a rocket attack and Pakistan was hit by a suicide bombing; neither received much news attention. The imperialistic movement to make Sharia the supreme law of the land is directed toward EVERYONE, Muslims included. This is the essence of the problem. Regardless of which form of Sharia Islamo-Fascists wage terrorism for, the attack is directed at EVERYONE.

Fortunately, most Americans understand this. Unfortunately, this understanding has not translated into reporting from the mainstream news media that continues to report disproportionately on Islamo-Fascist attacks against Jews. It's a dereliction of duty for the mainstream news media to report Islamo-Fascist terrorist attacks this way whether the message is made implicitly or explicitly.

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