Friday, July 04, 2008


In keeping with the tradition of our founding fathers, let us remember their reason for seeking independece: TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION IS TYRANNY.

So today, let us all rebel against the evil King from a far off land who has mercilously taxed the American people through an illegal OPEC cartel: King Abdullah. And if you or anyone thinks that the situation is different or the stakes aren't the same, think again! America is being taxed by an evil King from far off shores and it is our duty to rebel and set America free again.

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primerprez said...

We pretend Saudi Arabia is our friend, but they lead a cartel, OPEC, whose very essence violates the principles of free trade and which is one of the most harmful instruments in existence today. OPEC is a foreign version of precisely the type of conspiracy our domestic anti-trust laws are designed to prevent.